ThinkFly Powder

An all-natural flavoring agent, Think Fly contains key ingredients that safely alter an animal’s basic physiology to diminish the attraction of flies and other blood-seeking parasites. Once consumed, the unique blend of plant compounds and key nutrients are distributed system-wide – in blood, skin, sweat, and even feces – alleviating the ill-effects of a broad spectrum of biting insects and contributing to improvements in overall health. Think Fly comes in the form of easy-to-use powder that can be added directly to beef cattle feed or daily horse rations.

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For a herd, put out approximately 2 lbs. of product. For maximum control, it is recommended to begin administering Think Fly™ Powder 30 days prior to consistent 50° temperatures and maintaining feeding until 30 days after the first frost.

Add directly to beef cattle feed or daily horse rations.

Animal Weight Weight (per gram) Weight (per ounce)
1000 lb or more 20 grams 7 ounces/ten animals
800 lb 16 grams 5.6 ounces/ten animals
600 lb or less 12 grams 4.5 ounces/ten animals

Warning: Concentrated product – use only as directed.
Store in cool, dry place (between 40 and 90 degrees F).
Manufacturer accepts no liability for improper use, handling or storage.
Keep out of reach of children.



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