• TICKTUB is coming soon. It is an ALL NATURAL tick and fly deterrent incorporated into a pasture lick. This pasture lick has the ability to control consumption. It is a proven performer.
  • $160 /case

    All-natural flavoring agent, that contains key ingredients that safely alter Cattle, Horses, Deer and other ruminant's basic physiology to diminish the attraction of flies, ticks and other blood-seeking parasites. Guaranteed Analysis:
    Protein 20.12%
    Fat 5.84%
    Fiber 8.29%
    Calcium .11%
    Phospharous .55%
  • An all-natural flavoring agent, Think Fly contains key ingredients that safely alter an animal’s basic physiology to diminish the attraction of flies and other blood-seeking parasites. Once consumed, the unique blend of plant compounds and key nutrients are distributed system-wide – in blood, skin, sweat, and even feces – alleviating the ill-effects of a broad spectrum of biting insects and contributing to improvements in overall health. Think Fly comes in the form of easy-to-use powder that can be added directly to beef cattle feed or daily horse rations.
  • Deer Cookies are an all-natural attractant that deer crave.  Once deer try these, they will keep coming back for more.  Through collaboration with universities and food scientists, we developed a well-balanced formula of optimal proteins and nutrients that help promote antler growth and healthy coats.  Deer absolutely crave this all-natural supplement.
  • Recovery Magic™ is a tasty and easy-to-use water enhancement specifically designed to encourage consumption and increase the uptake of glucose, amino acids, and electrolytes. Formulated by veterinarians using optimal concentrations of key components, Recovery Magic helps to alleviate dehydration, sustain energy levels, and promote faster recuperation.