Timber Hills Lake Ranch is 4,000 acres of lush, rolling countryside full of hardwood timber, bubbling springs, and bountiful lakes. An outdoor paradise, beyond the pastures of peacefully grazing livestock, wildlife abounds.  Think Animals began their work at this ranch in Southeast Kansas, when breeders began to search for an all-natural nutritional supplement versus the feed supplements loaded with chemicals and artificial fillers.  Working together with animal researchers at local universities, Think Animals developed an all-natural grain product with optimal proteins and healthy fats needed for the animal’s well-being.  The results were astounding.  We found larger racks on wildlife and the livestock had noticeably healthier and shinier coats.

Our next challenge was to search for a solution to aid with the fly and tick nuisance facing our animals.  Industry giants produce many chemical solutions that are inconvenient, costly and potentially harmful.  Our goal was to continue our focus on all-natural healthy products.  It was then that we discovered a technology being used in Europe and Australia that helps with fly control.  In partnering with the Denis Brinicombe Group, a European agri-business with over 40 years of experience in the development of animal health products, we developed a family of all-natural products that truly help to combat flies and ticks.

Think Fly for livestock and companion animals and Think Tick for wildlife have been tested among our animals and among local farmers with remarkable results.  Animal discomfort has been greatly reduced, creating significantly less need for antibiotics.  Animal health is our mission at Think Animals and a prime example of what can be done when passion for animal welfare meets a willingness and drive to change and create a better tomorrow.

Since 2010, we’ve used the Think Animals products at the ranch, researching the impact on the health of our ample deer population as well as the cattle, horses, and hunting dogs. Even our mule, Don Quixote, enjoys the Horse Crumbles; his thick coat, robust constitution, and mellow demeanor are a testament to the benefits of the Think Tick formula. The results in the Whitetail Deer have been particularly noteworthy. After a strategic feeding regime of the Think Tick Deer Cookies, we’ve seen a dramatic reduction in tick infestations. The deer are healthy and vigorous – and their antlers are impressive!

Our Partnership

The Denis Brinicombe Group is a global leader in “nutritionally engineered” animal health products. Beginning with a basic goal of alleviating mastitis in dairy cattle, they now offer a full line of patented parasite-deterrent formulas, and numerous other nutritional products for cattle, horses, and sheep. Brinicombe – dedicated to manufacturing excellence, with a focus on high quality, carefully-sourced ingredients – continues to develop innovative products, helping farmers build profitable and compassionate enterprises for years to come.  The Denis Brinicombe Group has joined with us to continue to develop all-natural products sold with the Think Animals label in mind.