Recovery Magic – COMING SOON

Recovery Magic™ is a tasty and easy-to-use water enhancement specifically designed to encourage consumption and increase the uptake of glucose, amino acids, and electrolytes. Formulated by veterinarians using optimal concentrations of key components, Recovery Magic helps to alleviate dehydration, sustain energy levels, and promote faster recuperation.

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  • Scientifically formulated by leading veterinary research to support water and electrolyte absorption
  • All natural

  • Improves energy

  • Helps support stamina, endurance, and overall performance

  • Fortified with protein’s amino acids

  • Helps maintain gut health function

  • Naturally flavored to stimulate drinking and minimize dehydration during and after physical activity

  • Unlike plain water, Recovery Magic provide carbohydrates, amino acids and electrolytes lost

  • Mix entire packet (28 g) in 20 fluid ounces (1/2 L) water.
  • Administer orally only.

  • Allow dog to drink up to a maximum of 10 fluid ounces 1-2 hours before, as frequently as practical during and after physical activity.

  • Throughout illness allow free access to Recovery Magic.

  • If any adverse reactions occur, stop use and consult a veterinarian.

  • Refrigerate unused portion up to 3 days, then dispose.

  • Store product in a cool, dry location.

Depletion of the body’s glycogen stores is a major factor responsible for fatigue resulting in decreased athletic and work performance ability and ultimately physical exhaustion. Delaying or preventing body glycogen depletion during physical activity delays fatigue and exhaustion, thus enhancing athletic and work performance ability.

  • Glucose, glycine, and alanine aid intestinal absorption and help maintain glycogen and blood sugar levels.
  • Glutamine also contributes to intestinal function, as well as immune health.

  • The electrolytes – sodium, potassium, chloride, calcium, and magnesium – replace those lost during exertion and illness.

  • The propionate assists in the prevention of metabolic acidosis, alleviating the muscle discomfort that often occurs after intense physical activity.



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