Think Equine

Think Equine – Liquid

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All-natural flavoring agent, that contains key ingredients that safely alter a horse’s basic physiology to diminish the attraction of flies, ticks and other blood-seeking parasites.

Guaranteed Analysis:

Protein 20.12%
Fat 5.84%
Fiber 8.29%
Calcium .11%
Phospharous .55%
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Apply daily 30 days prior to consistent 50°F tempreature days and continue until 30 days after the first frost. Add directly to horse rations.

Animal Weight Amount (per ounce)
Larger Horse 25ml
Smaller Horse/Ponies 20ml

PST 22 Polysulfide Technology Differentiates From Others in The Market:

Harnessed in the correct manner, using patented technology, polysulfide’s are a natural and exceptionally powerful extraction from the plant world, which are often referred to as “nature’s strongest defense.” Mild process-ing of plant extracts containing allicin (Thiosulphinates) produces a group of reduced organo-sulphur molecules with a set blueprint of Sulphur chain lengths and mixtures of methyl and allyl functional groups at the end of the Sulphur chains. Brinicombe production units can duplicate the same finger-print time and again.

The biological activity, mostly diallyl polysulfide, impacts the target parasites quite effectively.



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Weight 30 lbs

Liquid, Pellets

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1 review for Think Equine – Liquid

  1. Angela Sanders

    I have been using this product now for two months. It took about two weeks and I saw a real difference in my horses. No flies around their eyes! Normally I have to use fly masks all summer and the horses are stomping all day. They are calm and happy. I even was busy with VBS every evening for a week and didn’t feed them grain or this supplement and it was still in their system. Great product and happy horses.

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