“The major problems that we have with our horses has been ticks. My horses make me my living and why wouldn’t I want to treat them the very best that I can. If you use Think Tick, you’ll be very, very happy with the results.”

Tom Gram, Horse Breeder/Owner

“Within three to four days I start to notice the ticks were falling off the animals and the flies weren’t bothering them that much. I watched the disposition of the animals change as they grew healthier, they put on weight. Their coats became shinier. They had no ticks.”

Ethan Hart, Farm Owner/Pasture Leasing

“Feeding this product has helped us manage our cow herd where costs matter. We have noticed the efficiency and the health benefits have allowed us to feed less and our cattle body score better than what we have seen in the past. The cattle will come to us. We can feed the cattle the product and don’t have to catch the cattle. Don’t have to worry about stress to the cattle. As most people know in the cattle industry, if you have to catch your cattle and go through the stresses of that, it minimalizes the growth in your cattle. Stress is one of the things we’re wanting to get rid of and when we’re feeding this product, it generally increases productivity and cost of gain that we’re looking to get. Anytime we can get a product that hits a different mode, we like to use it and Think Fly has done that for us.”

Mike Emerson, Farm Owner