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Name of Presentation Text Phrase
Video of Deer: Before and After Feeding Ectogon to deter Ticks deerticks
ThinkEquine Liquid Features and Benefits Whiteboard TELiquid
Satisfied Customer for Ectogon284 in U.K. UKCustomer
Ectogon284 Nutricine: The Technology in ThinkEquine liquid Ectogon284
TickTub Pasture Lick: Another way to deliver Ectogon284 ticktub
PST22 Polysulfide: The Active in Ectogon284 and Think Equine PST22
Photos of Horse before and after feeding ThinkEquine fliesgone
Photos of Horses illustrating problems with spraying Nospray
Horse after ThinkEquine has all over protection Allover
Photos of ThinkEquineLiquid Bottle TEBottle
K-State Trial Results Kstate

What is Think Animals?

Think Animals Testimonial

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Think Tick

Ectogon – 284

Introducing Polysulphide Technology

Think Animals Testimonial

Think Animals Testimonial